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Barbarian CMS is made for easy manipulation of any sort of data and it will suit all of your needs. We have lot of predefined options, but also we provide solution that all suits your specific needs.

nPlaneta developing its own CMS (Content Management System) called Barbarian CMS. Just CMS is a web application for data management and other web content without any particular knowledge of web technologies and web programming, which enables clients to automatically update and manage content on its website.

The administrative panel system allows the website moderator/administator, who does't need to know HTML, programming and internet technologies in general, to manage the insertion of new and/or updating and/or deleting the content from the website. Access to the administration website are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, from any part of the world where there inetrent connection.

Why Barbarian CMS?

There are dozens, maybe even hundreds, of open source content management systems over the Internet today. Why would anyone, even You, use a custom CMS?

With free CMS solutions, we meet with unprofessional developers, who make a real mess of what should work well. In the beginning, the price is quite small, but later it turns out that it is by no means the happiest and best solution, so you again opt for a more expensive - custom made solution.

The truth is that, this custom CMS in question has been built for, has been transform to fit all your needs. In other words, we’re going to spend less time working within the constraints of a system that doesn't fit your business needs and spend more time creating something that allows you to differentiate yourself from every other site out there.

Some of the features of custome made CMS are:

  •  Custom made CMS is generally more expensive;
  •  Faster module development for all your needs;
  •  It's faster because it only processes the data needed for your site;
  •  It is suitable for expanding and additional programming of the web store;
  •  Safer and more secure.

You can read more about Barbarian CMS at

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