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It is important to have someone to rely on and trust.



In case of any problems, doubts and questions, we are at the disposal of our clients 24/7. Customer support instills security in all our clients in a variety of situations and circumstances that may arise. It offers a sense of security.


Website maintenance is essential first and foremost when it comes to information. In addition, according to the speed of technological changes that occur, it is technically necessary to update the application to keep up with the latest security, operational and other trends.

The content on the site becomes obsolete every day, if there is no time for regular changes, due to a number of your other obligations, your site does not receive the attention it needs, we can help you with that. We offer daily, weekly, monthly and / or annual site maintenance, as needed and by appointment.

Site maintenance involves multiple jobs: web designers, graphics assistants, text editing and logical processing objects, web developer, optimization consultants, administrative system, and technical support. We can offer you all this at once.

As part of maintenance, we offer several packages:

    Maintenance of web pages as needed - this option allows small and extraordinary (irregular) maintenance of the site, computers according to work.
    Regular website maintenance per hour - intended for clients who need less, but regular updating, is most cost-effective between 8 and 14 working hours per month.
    Maintenance of a website with a fixed monthly cost of work - this option allows unlimited changes to the site during the contract. These include: server configuration, database maintenance, browser optimization, site development, competition monitoring and updating.

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