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Be available 24/7/365 to your current and future clients. The website is an office that is always open.


We create everything you can imagine or can benefit you on the global network, even more than that but exactly what is purposeful and usable.

A website is a commercial need of all aimed at promoting your services or products. Your website is usually the first contact of your customers or clients with your business, products and services. it is your office that is open 24/7 on all continents.

Our main task is to, in accordance with current standards and trends in website development, provide a clear and distinctive design with a message, which is both attractive and easy to use. We have an individual approach to each client, so there is no universal solution, but each project is a challenge in itself (a kind of challenge). We make presentations for your small or large business and personal needs.

All our solutions for new projects have the appropriate web design (which allows your website to look good on all devices: desktops, tablets or phones).

Presentation redesign

The design and technical solutions for existing websites should be changed periodically, refreshed in order for the websites to remain competitive, functional and attractive to visitors. We provide assistance to clients in redesigning existing websites in order to have a better and more modern look and better performance, offering new, modern solutions that fit into the already established visual identity of clients. When redesigning websites, the level of quality in approaching our tasks and focusing on individual segments is the same as when creating a new website.

Google AMP WebStories

Following the trends and innovative solutions in promoting ideas, products and services, we started creating WebStories. WebStories will help you look better and easier, you will have a prominent place in search engines and you will be noticed in society. You can see our story here.

Hosting and domains

In order for a website to appear on the Internet, it is necessary to have a place (hosting) where it will be placed, as well as the address (domain) where the site is located.

In order to facilitate the procedure for creating and setting up a website on the Internet, we also offer clients consulting services and the possibility of a "turnkey" service. In cooperation with the client, in accordance with the needs and desires of clients and the requirements of the website, we will help you choose the best and most stable hosting provider and domain name.


You can see our clients here, and you can find clients using Barbarian CMS here.

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