Flight NP2021

Flight NP2021

After all the ups and downs, such and such associates, clients and situations that are all an integral part of the job, in an extremely unusual year, it was finally time to reorganize not only the home website but also the entire NPlanet. With a new visual identity, structure, services, approach and attitude. With a new philosophy that still relies a lot on previous good practice but on new knowledge. We always try, as before and from now, to apply in our work all the experience, both bad and good, that we have gained in the work of all these years, to use everything we have learned in theory and in practice, all the way to what we really care about. We see all problems only as new challenges and opportunities that should and must be used. All our experiences are implemented here, and everything is presented through a whole range of different services with one goal, to offer you quality.

Maybe some of you who have read websites will be scared when you see what all the services are offered for the web today. Do you really need all that and how much does it really cost? Look at it this way. In the past, cars had a much smaller number of functions and very few accessories. Today, everything is completely different, and without some accessories, a modern car cannot be imagined today. The choice is yours. The same goes for the web, that is, for being and doing business on the Internet. Having your own website today is imperative, and the only measure of how successful it is is how much it is visited or how much money it brings you, ie to have its purpose, and for all that you need a certain "additional equipment" in the form of various services to help the website is visible, that is, as many visitors as possible reach it. Only on the basis of the assessment of each client individually, it is possible to determine which service or strategy is the best and most expedient. As there are realistically no universal shoes for all conditions, so there are no universal solutions when we talk about company promotion, campaigns, advertising, advertising, branding.

And on top of all that, there is the question of all the questions that are asked after spending a lot of time only on the design, why, despite the "very nice" design of the site, no one comes to it? And the answer is so simple, the website is simply not seen in a sea of ​​others, in a sea where a total of almost a modest 2 billion websites are estimated to float. In addition, if the site is not constructed and easily viewed for the average visitor, the situation becomes even worse. Don’t make your visitors feel like they’ve entered the cockpit of a jet plane so they don’t know which way to go. Fortunately, there are some rules regarding these things, although less or less often they have implications for the design itself. Nowadays, running a successful, read visited, website is a bit like nuclear physics if you approach it with "we'll do it easily", "I know that" or even "the little one from the neighborhood will do it". It is a mix of several disciplines that must work together, and the various services that can be found together with web design and programming should unite all the needs of a company that wants to be seen on the global network. Welcome knowledge of a little math, marketing, management and hundreds of other skills. The good side is that the language we speak is universal, of course on all continents. Therefore, we can be proud of our clients from many parts of the world.

In the end, though, don’t despair. Just as most drivers do not know how to make and work the above-mentioned cars but simply sit and drive, before refueling of course, have confidence when it comes to creating and promoting the website as a whole and leave it to the people who do the job , who know how to do it and have experience in it.

It's up to you to settle in, tie up, let's take off!


Nenad Veljković